Zenoo enters the Polish market


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Zenoo, a Lithuanian startup dealing with dog diets, enters the Polish pet products market. The company operates on a D2C model and offers delivery directly to customers. The food is produced in Poland and it is here that Zenoo plans to establish marketing and customer service teams.

Zenoo’s product range includes raw, freeze-dried dog food, natural supplements, as well as comprehensive dog diets, which are delivered in the D2C model, meaning customers receive products directly from the manufacturer. With Zenoo, customers can create a diet plan tailored to their dog’s needs or order individual packs of food. According to the company’s founder and CEO, Agota Jakutyte, dog owners are increasingly aware of the quality of pet food available in shops and are looking for healthier solutions for their pets. She also points out that global pet food giants are over-processing pet food and using additives that negatively affect the health of dogs as they choose to reduce the quality of pet food in a bid to cut production costs.

Zenoo is supported by private investors from Poland and several European countries. With the help of business angels, the company raised EUR 300,000 in a pre-seed round, which was led by Toma Sabaliauskienė, CMO of Nord Security. Due to its planned expansion into other European markets, Zenoo will seek to raise a seed round in the region.

The company, due to its production facilities, has been present in Poland since the beginning of its operations. Zenoo produces food here and obtains the necessary ingredients. The startup plans to continue its growth in Poland by setting up marketing and customer service teams, as well as sending orders to customers across Europe from here. Currently, Zenoo customers can receive their orders in EU countries, the UK and the US, and a local version of the shop is to be set up in Poland. According to CBDO and Zenoo co-founder Mindaugas Krisciunas, Poland is one of the countries with a high percentage of animals per household, and the growing awareness of owners makes them pay more attention to the healthy nutrition of their pets. Therefore, the company wants to develop on the Polish market in order to be able to expand further in Europe in the future.

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