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As reported by Wiadomości Handlowe, at the beginning of May a Lithuanian courier company Ziticity appeared on the Polish market. To begin with, it focused on cooperation with Warsaw restaurants, while it plans to expand its operations throughout Poland.

Ziticity is a company that was established in 2017 in Lithuania and has since appeared on markets in Estonia, Latvia and France. It bases its business on cooperation with restaurants, grocery shops, online shops, electromarkets or florists within a given city. It delivers products to customers on the same day or even within one hour. In Warsaw, it started with a partnership with, among others, North Fish restaurants. Its plans for the coming months include expanding its operations to other cities such as Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Katowice. Poland has become an obvious direction to conquer, due to the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe.

First hub in Poland

In each city where we operate, we build a so-called urban hub, i.e. our warehouse, to which we bring Internet orders from the warehouses of companies that sell these products. In this hub we sort products and issue them to couriers who then deliver the orders – says Andrzej Baginski, country launcher of Ziticity in Poland.

This will be the first such hub in Poland, tailored to Ziticity’s specific needs. Apart from the hubs, the chain is going to introduce the Fulfillment service, which consists in delegating all the logistic tasks that an online shop has to deal with to an external logistic company.

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