PMR survey: impact of COVID-19 on retail sector

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In April 2020 PMR conducted a survey amongst customers and partners in four industry sectors: retail, pharma & healthcare, construction and ICT/IT. We present a set of infographics about the impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector.

The methodology was qualitative and quantitative (standardised interviews with target companies). The interviews were conducted with decision makers and competent representatives three fourths of whom were senior and direct level management. A total of 109 companies were surveyed, of which 35 each from construction and IT/ICT sectors, 12 firms from pharma/healthcare and 27 companies from the retail sector. The company profiles included distributors, manufacturers, service providers and contractors. Companies involved operate both online and in traditional channels and represent B2B and B2C activity. The interview medium was and online survey and telephone interviews.

PMR study on the impact of coronavirus on the retail sector

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