The electric-powered Poland – the first Tesla showroom

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Tesla, the world’s largest producer of zero-emission vehicles, opens its first showroom in Poland. It is going to be located in Zabki near Warsaw, in a former Opel Auto showroom.

The only official brand service in Poland which is currently located at Powsinska Street in Warsaw, is most likely to relocate in the vicinity of the new showroom. Currently, due to the pandemic, the test drives can be signed up for online – and completed without the need to get in contact with the consultants.

Number of Tesla cars sold in Poland up 61%

The prices of Tesla cars in Poland start at PLN 199,990 for the smallest model. The drivers can charge them both at Tesla Supercharger stations, which despite the ambitious expansion plans are still only a few units, and at independent stations. Due to the great interest, the teams responsible for the construction of Superchargers plan to expand the local infrastructure to meet the requirements of the Polish market.

According to the report from website from December, in 2020, 138 of the American e-cars were bought in Poland, 60.5 % more than last year. After the opening of the new showroom, the number can only be expected to increase. Especially considering the raising social awareness concerning ecological solutions.

Tesla was founded in 2003 with a vision to produce electric cars that drive better, faster and more comfortably than the gasoline-powered ones. In addition to vehicles, the company also produces products for generating and storing clean energy.

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