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The CCC Group, one of the largest footwear retail companies both in Poland and in Europe, is looking for a new investor for The company intends to take advantage of the market opportunities in the e-commerce segment, for which a capital of approximately PLN 0.5bn required.

CCC is looking for an investor who has experience in building company value in e-commerce. The company does not rule out the possibility of selling a small stake in to this end, as long as the group continues to hold majority stakes.

The CCC Group is developing dynamically, and e-obuwie has become its main force in the spheres of e-commerce. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the eObuwie group recorded PLN 721m in revenue, a 61% increase  compared to the previous year. During this time, the company increased its revenues in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, North-Western Europe and in the south of the continent. The countries where’s revenues grew fastest at that time were Germany, Greece and Italy.

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