COVID-19: fourth stage of economy de-freeze in Poland

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

On 27 May 2020 Polish government presented a plan to lift further restrictions for the near future. Fitness clubs and cinemas, among others, can return to work. The obligation to wear face masks in public spaces will be removed from Saturday. However, the principle of keeping social distance is still in force.

Lifting obligation to wear masks and limits in stores and restaurants

As of 30 May, the obligation to wear masks or cover your mouth and nose in public spaces will be abolished. In places where it will be possible to keep a social distance of at least two metres. Masks will be still obligatory in stores, churches, cinemas or public transport.

The limit of people per square metre in shops and restaurants, cafes, bars, fairs and post offices will also be abolished (keeping a two-metre distance), as well as the limit of believers in churches. From Saturday, the possibility of gathering up to 150 people will also be allowed, including open-air concerts.

Cinemas, fitness clubs, theatres, swimming pools re-opened

From 6 June, cinemas, fitness clubs, playgrounds, swimming pools and saunas, massage and tattoo salons, will be open again. The only exceptions are clubs and discos, which will still be closed. To be open, these places will have to fulfil two conditions: a limit of 50% of the audience and the obligation to wear masks.

All industry-specific sanitary guidelines can be found on the Polish government ill be provided after completing the consultation process with entrepreneurs.

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