PMR: 1/3 of Poles who buy vegan or vegetarian items do so occasionally

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A plurality of Poles who buy products for vegans or vegetarians do so during less than half of their grocery shopping trips, according to PMR research. Among frequent buyers, women and people from single and two-person households are prominent.

In a survey of 1,000 adults carried out by PMR in April 2020, 36% of respondents said they had purchased products for vegans or vegetarians in the three months prior to being interviewed. Of this group, a plurality – more than a third – bought items of this kind occasionally, i.e. during less than half of their grocery shopping trips. Not surprisingly, things were different among the subset who said they were on a meat-free diet. Nearly half of them – 46% – bought products for vegans or vegetarians during most of their shopping trips.

Going back to occasionals, we found that a higher proportion of male buyers of vegan/vegetarian items can be described that way than female ones. Occasionals were also more numerous among buyers aged over 55 years, and those with incomes of less than PLN 2,000 (€437) per month after tax.

Women are more frequent buyers of vegan and vegetarian items

We found a reverse gender pattern among frequent buyers of vegan/vegetarian items. Fully 22% of the women who had bought such products at least once in the three months before the survey did so during all or most of their grocery shopping trips, against just 8% of men.

The share of frequent buyers was also especially high among buyers from single or two-person households. On the other hand, things like age, level of education, or place of residence were not significant predictors of being a frequent buyer.

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