COVID-19: Closed shopping malls and other restrictions in Poland


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On 4 November 2020, due to rapid grow in the number of diagnosed coronavirus infections, the government in Poland decided to introduce further restrictions aimed at halting the increase in the number of cases. The key change is the closure of shops in shopping malls and customer limits in retail outlets. All the changes come into effect already on 7 November (Saturday).

Yellow light for retail

As in the spring, the government has announced the closure of shops in shopping malls, excluding food, cosmetics, household chemistry, medical and pharmaceutical products, DIY, animal products, newspapers and services.

The government is also modifying customer limits in shops. In small outlets, up to 100 m2 , one person per 10 m2 will be able to stay. . In larger shops (area over 100 m2), the limit will remain at the level of 1 customer per 15 m2.

The announced restrictions will enter into force from Saturday, 7 November. They will apply for almost a month, until 29 October. However, the government does not rule out their extension.

Restaurants still closed

In addition, the operating of hotels has been limited to accepting only guests on business trips and the closure of gastronomy business has been extended, i.e. restaurants, pubs and cafes will continue to be able to provide take-away services only.

As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced, the next step will be a total lockdown, – If the epidemic affects more than 50 cases per 100 000 inhabitants for 7 days at national level, we will apply the emergency ‘hard brake’. If it is between 70 and 75 cases, we will implement the principles of national quarantine, which also means restrictions on movement.


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