New restrictions on stores in December?

Covid-19: new restrictions in HoReCa from 15 December ?

The government may impose further covid-related restrictions on the functioning of specific facilities. New, harsher limitations may enter into force on 1 December, although no final decision has been reached yet. It is important to note that the restrictions will not apply to vaccinated clients. The current customer restriction is 75% of seats or 1 person per 10m2.

According to unofficial data by Interia, additional restrictions on the number of customers in stores, restaurants, cinemas and theaters are at stake now, which would be a change from the government’s previous narrative reported by the media – until recently no stricter restrictions were planned. It is also unclear if such further limits will apply across Poland or merely in specific places.

The decisions have not yet been confirmed, but it is known that the Medical Council and Adam Niedzielski, the Minister of Health, have proposed them to the Prime Minister. If the limits are implemented, they will take effect on December 1st. Everything hinges on the number of illnesses and death increases in the following days.

As of 24 November, the Ministry of Health reported 19,935 new cases of covid-19, 398 people have died.

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