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Franchise fee of PLN 1 within the first 12 months and no initial fee for know-how for partners who will transform the premises in 2020 – these are the main objectives of the new franchise programme “Franchise for PLN 1” offered by Sfinks Polska restaurant group.


Franchise for 1 PLN in response to COVID-19

Sfinks Polska, a company managing, among others, brands of Sphinx restaurants, Chłopskie Jadło or Fabryka Pizzy, has launched a new franchise programme “Franchise for 1 PLN”. In the first 12 months, the franchise fee will amount to 1 PLN, and the restaurants which will be transformed in 2020 will not pay the initial fee for know-how. The restaurants may also withdraw from the agreement after the first year.

At the same time, the company reported that the pandemic (COVID-19) has hit the gastronomy industry very hard. Some restaurants did not open after the lockdown ( from 14 March 2020, restaurants could only operate in delivery or take-away, from 18 May they could again receive guests in the restaurants, and at the end of May the previously introduced limits on the number of people allowed to stay in the restaurant were lifted). The Company added that the chain brands of Sfinks Polska have an advantage which is, among others, recognition, access to attractively priced central purchases or customer loyalty programs. Therefore, Sfinks Polska has developed a new franchise offer adjusted to the current market conditions.

The programme covers the transformation of the restaurants into Sphinx, Piwiarnia Warki, Chłopskie Jadło, Fabryka Pizzy and Meta.

Increasing importance of e-commerce

At the end of 2019. Sfinks Polska managed 177 restaurants in segments such as: casual dining (87 Sphinx restaurants, 12 Chłopskie Jadło restaurants and two WOOKs), fast casual dining (one Lepione and Pieczone restaurants), alcohol bars (61 Piwiarnia Warki pubs), pizzerias (12 Fabryka Pizzy premises), and three Meta Seta Galareta and Meta Disco outlets.

In 2019. Sfinks Polska launched 12 new restaurants, including Fabryka Pizzy, Piwiarnia Warki and Sphinx. Most of them in the franchise model. In the report for 2019, the company also stated that in the past year, the e-commerce segment was gaining in importance, and Sfinks increased to 70 the number of outlets offering delivery services. In addition, the company has its own portal smacznieiszybko.pl and is developing cooperation with online ordering platforms Pyszne.pl, Uber Eats, Pizza Portal and Glovo. Furthermore, in 2019 Sfinks launched two virtual brands – Sprytna Pizza and The Burgers (delivery offer only).

In 2019, the restaurants of the Sfinks Polska chain recorded a 5% increase in revenues from gastronomic sales, to PLN 198.8 m.

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