CSR or artistry? Medicine new campaign

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“Burning out, emptiness, smartphone overuse are the growing problems of many people. Fortunately, there is therapy. Medicine clothing is a comprehensive solution for anxiety and other effects of civilization’s threats.” – We can hear in the latest advertising spot of the Polish clothing brand Medicine. We are convinced to believe so by Dorota Masłowska, a writer who’sdressed in a doctor’s kit. Masłowska is cooperating with the brand on its current collection.

The spot was immediately echoed. Consumers pointed out that depression or anxiety can’t be cured by shopping. And the owner of the brand, BRANDBQ, behaves with such a suggestion disrespectfully. “Can’t sleep? Can’t get up? (…) We have a solution” – other Medicine advertising materials convince.

Consumers require CSR

The advertising spot informs in fine print in the last seconds that the presented material is only fiction and artistic creation. Nevertheless, literary circles (including Małgorzata Halber, Maciej Marcisz) have also joined in the spot’s criticism.

Time will show if the fun in learning consumers to have distance will not prove expensive for the brand. Customers, especially the young ones, more and more often feel that business should be required not only to take care of ecology.

More on the prospects for the Polish clothing market in the latest PMR report: Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland 2020.

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