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The Ukrainian online shop, which was launched during the 2020 pandemic, is already operating in Poland, and customers can enjoy an offer of food products and household chemicals. Foodex24, which processes 300 orders a day and has over 20,000 customers, has also decided to launch a stationary outlet.

The Ukrainian startup was founded during the pandemic, when another lockdown increased queues in supermarkets and customers bought out products in huge numbers, stocking up on food for several weeks. It was then that the idea of creating a new online shop with the advantage of fast delivery of orders appeared. Although the originators of Foodex24 had no experience in e-commerce, and as Vladislava Savchenko, founder of the startup, recalls, the plan for the shop’s development was written at express pace, they managed to create a solution that is used today by 20,000 customers.

The online shop was created in just 14 days, and the different stages of the project were shown on the YouTube channel, run by Savchenko. The founder of Foodex24, whose company Powercode contributed to the development of the shop, was involved in the operational activities of the project from the beginning and even helped couriers deliver the orders. Currently, which is about 1.5 years since the start of operations in Ukraine, Foodex24 earns USD 500,000 per month, and the investment in the company to date has been USD 2.8 million.

Foodex24 in Poland

Foodex24 has decided to expand its customer base to other European countries. In July 2021, the shop appeared in Poland in Bydgoszcz, where the largest logistics centre on 450 m2 is located. In addition to the dark store launch, the company has also decided to open a stationary shop in Poland. The supermarket has 170 m2 and is part of the project’s hybrid model.

After a 3-month presence on the Polish market, the average shopping basket of Foodex24 customers is PLN 200, and the shop’s offer includes about 1,500 products. The Polish online shop is currently used by 4,000 customers, while the investment in the project amounted to approximately USD 800,000. The company plans to open new stationary outlets in other cities.

Foodex24 is constantly developing in order to adapt in the best way to the Polish market. The company has improved order tracking and automated work as much as possible. One of the solutions introduced is a robot that processes orders independently and allows customers to track order status. New technology also makes it possible to observe the packing of goods online.

Recently, the company decided to merge with another Ukrainian company, which is a food supplier. The fusion of Foodex24 and Fresh Food has created a new brand – Goodex. The company plans to use the new brand to open more shops in Ukraine and other European countries.

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