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A survey conducted by PMR in September 2020 among people who buy children’s products showed that specialty bricks-and-mortar shops, like Smyk or Toys R Us, remain the top channel for toy purchases in Poland, used by 42% of those who buy toys. But it also confirmed the strong position of e-commerce: online shops were indicated by 36% of respondents and online platforms by 32%, trumping non-food discount stores (31%) and grocery discount stores (30%).

Among respondents aged 18-34, the e-commerce percentages were even higher, at 45% for online shops (more than any other channel) and 36% for platforms. Respondents in this age range were also slightly more likely than the general population to indicate that they buy toys in specialty bricks-and-mortar shops (43%).

Online is no. 1 channel for games and puzzles

There are categories of toys in which online shops and platforms are already the most popular retail channel, our survey showed. When asked where they purchased games, puzzles and educational items for children in the past 12 months, 38% of respondents pointed to online shops and 33% to online platforms. The number for specialty bricks-and-mortar shops was 32%.

It should be noted that games and puzzles are the most commonly purchased type of toys: of those who bought any toys in the 12 months prior to the survey, 58% purchased games and puzzles. Blocks (wooden or LEGO) were purchased by 42% and figurines, dolls or plush mascots by 41%.

Autumn lockdown boosted e-commerce further

More than a fifth of interviewees surveyed in September 2020 – 22% – said they go to physical stores less than pre-pandemic, and 28% said they buy children’s products online more often. During the final months of last year – traditionally the peak season for toy sales – Poland grappled with a second wave of Covid-19, which forced the government to impose tougher restrictions on retail and other businesses. Non-essential stores in shopping malls, including toy stores, were under lockdown throughout November. This, combined with special Black Friday offers promoted by online players, strengthened e-commerce even more. According to Allegro Group, during the Black Week period alone (i.e., between 23-30 November 2020), 2 million toys, 670,000 books, 90,000 board and card games and 60,000 video games were sold through its platform.

More about purchases for children in the latest PMR report: Children’s products retail market in Poland 2020.

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