Parents as informed consumers

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Purchasing products for children is rather conscious. According to the study for the report Retail trade in children’s products in Poland 2018, 77% check the content of the label before purchase to see information about the composition or properties of the product. Moreover, parents and caregivers are more likely to stick to best practice rather than experiment. Such a sentence was expressed by 57% of the respondents. Nearly half (43%) of the respondents, when buying products for children, choose those from shelves with organic products. In the case of children’s clothes, they are usually not bought on the occasion of other purchases, e.g. food (54% of responses).

The majority of respondents (79%) declare that they do not buy universal cosmetics that can be used by all family members instead of those intended specifically for children. On the other hand, cosmetics for children can be used by 30% of adult household members.

While in the case of the other statements there was one dominant position among the respondents, the question of a gift for the child was shared by the participants. According to 35%, it is better to buy a toy that will stay with your child for longer than to provide him/her with a one-off attraction. Supporters of the opposite position are 1 percentage point more.

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