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PKN Orlen plans to expand its operations and leverage the potential of Ruch by launching retail and catering facilities under the “Orlen w Ruchu” brand already in this half of the year. In September, the “Orlen Paczka” service will be launched, allowing customers to collect parcels in newly created parcel machines and pick-up points. The chain plans to invest as much as PLN 11bn in retail operations by 2030. It currently brings in approx. three million a year in profit.

Development of retail

Wishing to enter the retail market, the chain decided to expand its operations by multi-format facilities in existing Ruch outlets. The name “Orlen w Ruchu” is meant to refer to a customer who is constantly on the road, on the move. Forty outlets are scheduled to open in 2021, with as many as 900 to be built within five years. There will be three types of points: the first is an object with a format of approx. 20 m² to replace the current ‘kiosks’. The other type is supposed to count approx. 60-70 m². The third will take the form of so-called coffee corners, which will be located in frequently visited places, such as office buildings or railway stations. The offer will include own brand products “Orlen w Ruchu”.

New courier services

The e-commerce market has recently been on the rise, so PKN Orlen has decided to try its hand at it. By the end of this year, approx. 5. 5 thousand parcel collection points (including as many as 500 parcel machines), and within five years their number is to increase to 10 thousand. Paczkomaty will be located, among others, at Orlen petrol stations and Ruch outlets. In order to make it easier for consumers to use the vending machines, Orlen is going to provide a mobile application.

PMR expert’s view

Agnieszka Skonieczna
Retail Business Unit Director

Orlen’s plans announced this week are impressive in their scale and momentum. The state-owned giant wants to grow on the basis of trends that were crucial for the market last year. On the one hand, it will develop convenience stores with a wide gastronomic offer. On the other hand, Orlen will invest in logistics and parcel machines, thus claiming its piece of the pie in the dynamically growing e-commerce segment. A few years ago another state-owned company, PZU, followed a similar path to Orlen, although in a different industry. Thanks to huge investment outlays and an aggressive takeover policy, PZU Zdrowie quickly grew to become a major player in the private healthcare segment.


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