PMR In-Sector Insight: Household chemicals are the most purchased non-cosmetic product in drugstores

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In a new survey carried out in January 2021, PMR asked Poles about products other than cosmetics that they buy in drugstores. Household chemicals topped the list, mentioned by more than half of respondents. The full findings of the study were presented during a recent PMR In-Sector Insight event.

Apart from cosmetics, what do Poles buy in drugstores?

56% of the group who purchase products other than cosmetics in drugstores reported buying household chemicals there. Sweets ranked second (38%) and beverages third (36%). Next came home goods, health products, pet supplies, clothes and shoes, toys, and diapers.

More women than men buy non-cosmetic products in drugstores (92% vs. 83%). The gap is particularly wide in the case of household chemicals (17 percentage points), home goods (20 p.p.), and health products (12 p.p.). This is easy to explain: in most cases it is women who buy things for the household. The difference is smaller in the case of products bought on impulse, such as beverages displayed near the checkout counter (6 p.p.).

The only non-cosmetic category which more men than women buy in drugstores is mobile phone recharge.

Age is also a differentiating factor. Consumers aged up to 54 years are much more likely to buy non-cosmetic products in drugstores than older ones, and this is true of all product categories. Interestingly, there are no significant differences between consumers aged 18-34 and 35-54. Household chemicals are the only category which consumers aged 55+ buy more frequently.

In another notable finding, photo development services are popular: a fifth of the group develop photos in drugstores.

Household chemicals are bought on 50% of visits

What is the frequency with which consumers who buy different categories of non-cosmetic products in drugstores make purchases of this kind?

Diapers and pet food are categories which the highest proportion buy every time they visit a drugstore. This is understandable: both are everyday items you need to replenish often if you have small children or pets. Household chemicals and health products – also essentials, but which last longer – tend to be bought on one in every two visits.

Impulse products, such as sweets and beverages, are purchased sporadically. And home goods, toys and clothes – only rarely.

In every non-cosmetic category, a higher proportion of women than men make a purchase every time or almost every time they visit a drugstore. This is particularly true of pet food, household chemicals, diapers, or toys.

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