PMR report: COVID-19 will significantly accelerate development of online grocery market in Poland

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The pandemic has caused online sales to grow rapidly, even in subgroups, including food, which previously enjoyed limited popularity among consumers.

Grocery market shows the biggest difference between total market and the internet channel. Both in terms of the market share of the internet channel in the whole market, as well as consumers’ approach to shopping. It is also characterized by the lowest penetration from the largest chains.

Along with customer attitudes, another significant reason for this state of affairs was the lack of opportunity to buy fresh, chilled or frozen products outside the largest conurbations and in the nearest towns.

COVID-19 significantly accelerates development of online grocery market in Poland

According to PMR data, in 2019 online sales of groceries accounted for less than 0.5% of total grocery market. In 2020 this market area will grow by more than 40% year on year, increasing the proportion of the food market represented by e-commerce to 0.7%.

The COVID-19 epidemic had significantly accelerated the development of this market subgroup by the end of February: even before the first cases of coronavirus infection had appeared in Poland, the largest food e-shops had observed a significant increase in sales – in terms of both basket value and numbers of orders.

In addition, the coronavirus is expected to prove to be a positive factor which will support the development of online sales of food products in the long term also. By the end of the forecast period covered by PMR (2021-2025), the market will exhibit two-figure year-on-year growth.


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