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The average Polish consumer’s income will increase by more than 30% in real terms between 2018 and 2030, according to a new report from research company PMR, Polish Consumer 2030. Analysis and forecast of individual categories of consumption in 2030.

At the same time, spending as a share of income will decrease, which will have a positive impact on the wealth of the society. This will contribute to convergence to Western European consumption patterns, resulting in an above-average increase in spending on categories perceived as “of a higher order”.

What will the Polish consumer look like in 2030?

The growing affluence of the Polish society will be reflected in the relative shares of food and non-food categories in consumer spending – according to forecasts, the share of non-food in Poles’ expenditure on consumer goods and services will increase from 75% in 2018 to 77% in 2030.

Poles spend on potatoes

The declining popularity of potatoes as a result of their replacement with e.g. pasta and rice, convergence to Western European consumption patterns and increasing popularity of HoReCa services will result in a reduction of expenditure on potatoes by 2030.

Poles spend on cultural and recreational activities

The number of visitors to museums, theatres, cinemas and mass events will continue to grow steadily until 2030, which will increase the average monthly expenditure on recreational and cultural services by about 2/3.

For more information, see the PMR report: Polish consumer 2030. Analysis and forecasts for individual product categories in 2030.

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