PMR: 45% of Poles support entrepreneurs’ protests


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Asked what they think about the protests of various industries (in connection with the ban on business operations imposed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic) and the announcements that some establishments will open despite the ban, 45% of Poles express their full support for entrepreneurs (including their attempts to reopen). This follows from a survey conducted by PMR in January 2021 on a representative sample of Poland’s residents.

Another 37% say they understand the rationale behind the protests, but consider stopping the pandemic to be the most important issue. And only 6% of the surveyed believe that the banned industries are not essential services and as such should remain closed until the pandemic is contained. One in eight respondents does not have a strong opinion on this matter.


Both the HoReCa market and fitness industry in Poland recorded a relatively favourable period a year before the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020. The pandemic interrupted the time of year-over-year increase in the value of these markets, making them some of the most severely affected industries.

200 idle days in fitness industry, 175 days without consumers in food service outlets

The fitness industry, according to the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, has already experienced about 200 idle days due to restrictions introduced in spring and autumn, and 50% attendance during the sanitation regime. Food service establishments, forced to reduce their operations to delivery business only, have behind them – according to ZPP data – 175 days without serving customers.


Prolonged restrictions, announcements of their continuation and more and more severe consequences, took the form of a revolt, the symbolic name of which is #otwieraMy (#WEreopen). Some HoReCa establishments, despite the binding ban, have resumed the regular offline customer service. And 31% of the respondents declare they want to use the offer of on-site HoReCa facilities, despite the ban. In the case of gyms or fitness centres, such declarations are made by 15% of Poles.

For more information please see PMR report: Horeca market in Poland 2021.

Magdalena Filip

Senior Retail Analyst

A senior analyst with ten years of specialisation in the retail market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Areas of specializations: clothing and footwear retail market, HoReCa market, and children’s products market.

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