Shopping centres join campaign to promote vaccination


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The Polish Council of Shopping Centres (PRCH) has decided to recommend shopping centres to join the vaccination promotion campaign. PRCH has also declared itself open to the possibility of organising additional vaccination points in shopping centres, accessible to all interested parties.

Shopping centres can reach millions of people. They are located in convenient places, perfectly communicated and recognisable among local communities. They are places integrated into the fabric of cities and the local environment. Since the beginning of the pandemic, as an industry we have not only conducted extensive customer education campaigns to promote responsible shopping behaviour, but we have also scrupulously complied with existing restrictions and assisted local communities and medical services. Galleries – small and large, located in the centres of provincial cities or on the outskirts of county towns – are frequented by a wide variety of customers representing all generations. They are currently one of the best areas for integration for many communities in Poland. That is why we have decided to recommend solidarity support for actions protecting the health of Poles – explains Jan Debski, President of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres.

A priority for PRCH and a common goal for companies associated in PRCH is to prevent another wave of pandemics by educating and promoting socially responsible attitudes. PRCH also stresses that the growing popularity of shopping centres makes them the best place to promote socially important issues. The Council has already addressed shopping centre owners and managers with an invitation to join the campaign. So far, more than 90 venues have declared their participation in the pro bono promotional action, with a total of significantly more than 24 million visitors per month.

There are currently 8 pilot vaccination points operating in shopping centres: Atrium Mosty in Plock, Atrium Plejada in Bytom, Blue City in Warsaw, CH Karolinka in Opole, M1 in Marki, Manufaktura in Lodz, CH Platan in Zabrze and Plaza Torun. It is planned to organise at least a dozen more points throughout Poland, some of which will start operating as early as in June.

The involvement of shopping centre owners and managers in the promotion of vaccinations is a continuation of previous activities of the sector which, in the most difficult initial period of the pandemic, supported medics and hospitals, gave discounts to tenants, and today joins in the activities aimed at the quickest possible return to normal and safe functioning of society. The promotion of vaccinations and socially responsible attitudes, as well as the creation of vaccination points at the mall, are part of the retail sector’s policy of openness and responsibility towards sanitary requirements and actions aimed at improving the epidemic situation.

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