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Brexit: impact on retail market

There is still a spectre hanging over the United Kingdom that, as a result of a lack of agreement with the European Union. There will be a so-called hard Brexit, which means that United Kingdom will leave the European Union without pre-established rules. This scenario is a serious threat to trade between the UK and the EU.

Brexit: what happens now?

The United Kingdom is once again postponing the country’s exit from the European Union. The amendment adopted on Saturday provides for the suspension of support for an agreement regulating Britain’s exit from the European Union until Parliament adopts a package of laws regulating the details of Britain’s exit from the Community.

The agreement would allow a regulated Brexit and a transitional period until the end of 2020. During this period, the existing principles of trade in goods and economic cooperation between the EU and the United Kingdom would be preserved.

However, the spectre still hangs over the United Kingdom that, as a result of a failure to reach agreement with the European Union, the so-called hard Brexit, that is, the UK’s exit from the EU without an agreement, will be carried out.

Rules for leaving the UK from EU

After Britain’s unregulated exit from the European Union, the country’s economic relations with the Community will be governed by the rules developed by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the United Kingdom will be treated as a third country. As a result, border controls and customs duties will come into force in mutual relations. This scenario will involve, among others, the introduction of customs duties in mutual trade, changes in VAT settlements and customs, sanitary and veterinary controls. What will be connected with numerous difficulties for entrepreneurs who want to continue to maintain trade relations with this country.

In turn, the agreement would allow for a regulated exit from the EU and a transitional period until the end of 2020. During this period, the existing principles of trade in goods and economic cooperation between the United Kingdom and the EU countries will be maintained. The transition period itself will serve the purpose of developing and concluding a free trade agreement, as a result of which there will be no duties or charges in mutual relations.

What will be the impact of Brexit on the retail market?

The worst scenario for economic exchange with Poland is the entry into force of the so-called hard Brexit. It will have a negative impact on the production and distribution of goods and may even cause temporary shortages in the market for certain goods, such as food or medicines.

According to GUS, in 2017 the number one goods exported to Great Britain were machinery, equipment and transport equipment (PLN 22.2 bn) and food and live animals (PLN 9.4 bn). On the other hand, the most willingly imported products from the Islands are also machines, devices and transport equipment (PLN 83.3 bn), as well as chemicals and related products (PLN 5.0 bn). Moreover, the value of such categories as food and live animals, beverages and tobacco in 2017 reached PLN 1.7 bn and PLN 0.5 bn, respectively.

The increase in prices caused by Brexit will be felt most by the British people. However, it is also expected that British goods on our shelves, such as British whiskey, will become more expensive. What is more, the cost of shopping online in the UK will also rise, caused by the obligation to pay import tax and customs duties.

The UK is currently the third largest trading partner for Poland in terms of value. However, if this scenario is fulfilled, it could jeopardise trade between the Islands and EU countries. Consequently, the UK’s position in trade with Poland should be changed.

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Food service in non-gastronomic outlets is growing rapidly


The value of food service in non-gastronomic outlets – i.e., sales of ready-to-eat dishes,  baked goods, hot dogs, coffee, etc. in places like shops – grew by 7.9% in 2019 and amounted to PLN 7.5bn (€1.8bn). And in 2020 it will reach PLN 8bn (€1.9bn), according to the latest report from PMR, “Food service in non-gastronomic outlets in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024”.

Food service in non-gastronomic outlets is growing very dynamically, outpacing the HoReCa market, which includes sales in gastronomic outlets. Although a lower growth rate is expected in 2020, this market will continue to grow faster than the total food market in Poland.

Value of food service in non-gastronomic outlets in Poland

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New president of Lidl Poland appointed


Włodzimierz Wlaźlak will serve as President of Lidl Polska from March 2020. He will replace Maksymilian Braniecki, who joined the management board of Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG in January 2020.

Changes in Lidl Poland

Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, a former member of the board of directors of Lidl Polska, will serve as President of Lidl in Poland from March 2020. Maksymilian Braniecki, former President of Lidl Polska, joined Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG and is responsible for stores in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Maksymilian Braniecki has been working for Lidl for 17 years – in 2012-2015 he managed Lidl Romania. Włodzimierz Wlaźlak has also been associated with the company for 17 years.

The Lidl discount chain has over 700 stores in Poland.

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New market leader?


In the coming years, RTV Euro AGD will give way to the market leader for Media Expert. The chain will be the market leader thanks to the opening of new stores and the growing popularity of its online store.

According to PMR estimates, in the coming years Media Expert will overtake the current market leader in consumer electronics. In recent years, the company has recorded double-digit revenue growth, reaching a record 17% growth in 2018. These increases are achieved both by expanding the distribution channel, as well as by increasing the popularity of the chain’s online store. In 2019 alone, the chain opened 18 stores.

According to PMR’s data, internet is the fastest growing channel on consumer electronics market. The channel reaches growth almost twice as fast as the whole market. According to PMR’s forecasts, by 2024 the Internet will reach almost 1/3 of the entire electronic goods market.

High degree of…

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Wildberries already launches in Poland


Russian retailer Wildberries opened an online store in Poland and the first pickup point in Warsaw. Moreover, the company plans to open nearly 100 such points in Poland.

Wildberries, a Russian online store, in January started an online sale in Poland. Customers can order products through the website by free delivery, as well as in the collection points equipped with fitting rooms. Currently the first such point is located in Warsaw. However, the company plans to open nearly 100 Wildberries order collection points in the country.

The e-shop website offers over 14.8 thousand brands of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, footwear, accessories and toys. What is more, the company plans to successively expand this assortment.
At this moment, he company is present in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. However, according to the company authorities, the company plans to enter the European Union market. After Poland the retailer considers entering the Slovakian…

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Lidl offers fresh sushi prepared by restaurant


The Lidl discount store chain has introduced fresh sushi sets to its offer of ten stores in Poznań and the surrounding area. Sushi is prepared by the Yattai Sushi Bar restaurant in Poznań.


Lidl offers fresh sushi prepared by restaurant

The offer of fresh sushi sets will be available in ten Lidl shops in Poznań, Poland, and its surroundings. The sets will be prepared and delivered in the morning by the Yattai Sushi Bar restaurant in Poznan.

Gastronomic sales in non-gastronomic facilities increases in Poland

The gastronomic market in non-gastronomic facilities (the value includes, among others, sales of ready-made coffee, hot dogs, etc.) increased by nearly 8% in 2019 in Poland. This market is growing rapidly and although in 2020 its rate of growth is expected to be slightly lower, it will grow at the higher rate than the entire food market in Poland.

For more information see the latest PMR report ,,Food…

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Grocery retail market in Poland 2019


PMR presents a set of infographics from the report: Grocery retail market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024.

According to PMR’s estimates, the value of the grocery retail market in Poland in 2018 reached over PLN 279bn. In 2019, market value will grow by over 4%. Among other things, thanks to social programmes such as extension of the Family 500 programme to the first child in each family, the 13th pension, or tax reductions. The market is projected to grow by at least 3% per annum in the years until 2024.

Value and growth of grocery retail market in…

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