Will Żabka catch up with Orlen?


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Although in July 2020 Żabka reported that only a month after the introduction of cheeseburgers to the Żabka Cafe menu, the chain sold a million of them, the flagship product of the concept remains hot dogs. And in Żabka sold 36 million of those in 2019.

The meat-free version of hot dogs introduced in 2020 may win new customers over to the gastronomic offer of the convenience store chain. The development of the Żabka Cafe concept is also supported by a rapidly growing number of establishments. In 2020, the Żabka chain started with 6002 stores and at the end of December it intends to have 7000 outlets (compared to 6500 locations celebrated in September). For the time being, however, the leader of the hot dog market in Poland seems to have a considerable advantage.

After hot dogs still on Orlen

Orlen Group sold 66 million hot dogs last year as part of its 2145 Stop Café and Star Connect offer (this compares to 48 million sausages sold in 2018 and 43 million in 2017). Of the locations taken into account at the end of 2019, 79% operated in Poland, the rest in Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. On the very safe assumption that all locations sell a comparable number of hot dogs, their sales at stations in Poland in 2019 would be 52.27 million. This figure also includes those in the vegetarian version that were added to the network’s offer in 2018.

Hot dogs in delivery with Uber Eats

Uber Eats, who has been cooperating with the BP and Shell networks since June and with Żabka network (in Warsaw and Poznań) since 17 August, reported that only during the holiday season the platform users ordered 1 500 hot dogs. It was one of the most frequently ordered products (apart from kaiser rolls, Coca Cola, sugar, onion chips and still water).



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