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The owner of Castorama will introduce a new chain to Poland?

Kingfisher, the owner of Castorama chain is considering introducing a new chain of DIY stores in Poland, as the company announced in its annual financial report. Screwfix, because it will only work in the online channel at the beginning.

The company plans to take advantage of the expansion model that has proved its worth in the Irish market. After four years of online presence, it will open its first stationary stores this year. As the retailer emphasizes, this step is dictated by the strong position in the online channel and the similarity of the Irish market to the British, home market of the network.

At the moment, Screwfix is present in three European markets, in the UK, Ireland and Germany. There are 627 shops on the islands and five on the German market. However, the company has announced that by the end of the year it will close all stationary stores in the country and will only be present in the online channel.

In addition, the Polish market is also no stranger to the retailer, where Kingfisher has been present for 22 years through the Castorama network (and earlier also Brico Depot, although on a much smaller scale). Castorama is currently the leader on the Polish market, and its position in the next few years is not threatened. In 2018, the Group’s revenues on the Polish market amounted to PLN 6.99 billion and were 3.4% higher than in the previous year. According to PMR’s preliminary estimates, last year the network recorded over 12% share in the Polish DIY market. At the moment, there are 76 stores in Poland under the brand name of the chain. In addition, the company announced the opening of another six locations in the next financial year, ending in January 2020.

The directions of development and future formats of retail trade in finishing materials in Poland will be discussed in more detail during PMR’s II Industry Forum: Restoration and Construction Markets, 16 May in Warsaw. Their opinion will be shared by representatives of, among others: Bricomarche, PSB Group, Majster ABC, Repair and Construction Platform, Atlas, KH Stobud, Geberit, Allegro and others.

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After several years of rapid growth in the market value, lower sales of home furnishings are expected in the 2020-2024 perspective, according to forecasts included in PMR’s latest report “Home furnishings market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024”.

Slowdown is coming for home furnishings market in Poland

Since 2015, the Polish market of home furnishings has recorded an annual growth rate of over 7%. The reason was of course a great situation on the residential market, with which the market of furniture and interior design is correlated. In addition, a good economic situation combined with social transfers made Poles willingly undertake renovations of existing residential premises.

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Grocery retail market in Poland 2019


PMR presents a set of infographics from the report: Grocery retail market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024.

According to PMR’s estimates, the value of the grocery retail market in Poland in 2018 reached over PLN 279bn. In 2019, market value will grow by over 4%. Among other things, thanks to social programmes such as extension of the Family 500 programme to the first child in each family, the 13th pension, or tax reductions. The market is projected to grow by at least 3% per annum in the years until 2024.

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New strong player in perfume market?


In the last week of September, a leading German player in the perfume segment launched a Polish online store. The store offers nearly 15 thousand cosmetic products.

Flaconi, one of the leading players on the German online sales market in the perfume segment, enters Poland. The brand launched an online store in the last week of September. Currently, through the brand’s website, customers can buy over 500 cosmetic brands and nearly 15 thousand products. Apart from perfumes, the store also offers body care cosmetics, colour cosmetics and hair care cosmetics. In its offer, the shop has both perfumes of well-known brands as well as those sold under the Flaconi own brand.

Only three strong players in perfume segment in Poland

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Personnel Changes

Sylwester Cacek becomes president of Sfinks Polska


Sylwester Cacek became the President of the Management Board of Sfinks Polska for the term lasting until 6 February 2024. Sfinks Polska manages, among others, chains of Sphinx restaurants, Piwiarnia Warki bars, Fabryka Pizzy pizza restaurants and Chłopskie Jadlo restauarnts.

Sylwester Cacek became president of Sfinks Poland

The Supervisory Board appointed Sylwester Cack as President of the Management Board of Sfinks Polska for the term of office until February 2024. On 25 October 2019, Dariusz Strojewski was dismissed from the position of Vice-President of the company.

Sylwester Cacek is the main shareholder of the Sfinks. Sfinks Polska manages, among others, Sphinx restaurant chains (90 restaurants in October 2019), Piwiarnia Warki (64 restaurants), Chłopskie Jadło (11) and Fabryka Pizzy (19 pizzerias in October 2019, including 10 managed by Sfinks).

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Law News Trends

Retail chains to be hit with new tax?


The government plans to impose a new tax on large-format stores, called the congestion tax. It could take effect already on 1 January 2020, Jadwiga Emilewicz, the enterprise and technology minister, said in a radio interview on 29 October. As she explained, the amount of tax would depend, not a store’s sales turnover, but the problems that it causes in the urban mix, in terms of increased congestion, road investment, or costs of infrastructure maintenance. A special formula would be applied to measure this impact, she added, without however giving any details.

Details still unknown

Since neither the formula nor the exact structure of the new tax are known yet, it is difficult to say which retailers would be hit hardest by it. Will a store’s square metreage be the main consideration? (If so, hypermarkets, DIY stores, and furniture stores…

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Auchan withdraws live carp from offer of all its stores in Poland


Auchan, a hyper- and supermarket chain, will completely withdraw live carp from its offer in Poland. Poles will not buy live carp before Christmas in any Auchan store in Poland.

Live carp withdrawn from all Auchan stores

Auchan will completely withdraw live carp from its pre-Christmas offer in Poland. Poles will not be able to buy live carp from any Auchan store. Earlier, the chain had limited the availability of live carp to a dozen of its shops. Last year the chain sold live carp only in shops in regions with a strong tradition, including Silesia and Wielkopolska.

As PMR wrote in September 2019, the Tesco chain also stopped selling live carp. Live carp are not available in Biedronka…

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