Why are we buying organic food?

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Nearly every fifth Poles declares buying certified organic food. The development of this market is positively influenced by the popularity of healthy and ecological lifestyle, growing popularity of diets, e.g. vegan or vegetarian, and the growing wealth of the society. What is more, more and more consumers are able to afford to buy more expensive, but natural and certified products. Moreover, more than half (55%) of respondents buying natural cosmetics also buy healthy food. It is clear that buying organic food and natural cosmetics is connected with choosing a specific lifestyle.

According to a survey conducted by PMR in December 2018, 23% of Poles buy organic food. Women buy organic food more often (27%) than men (19%). More often than on average, organic food is purchased by people with higher education (+19 p.p. for the answer yes, in comparison to the general population). On the other hand, people with primary education (-8 percentage points) and net income per capita in households below PLN 1,000 (-13 p.p.) are much less likely to buy organic food. In this case, the main barrier for such purchases is the price.

The most important motivation to buy organic food is the belief that it has better health properties than ordinary products. This factor is more important for women than for men, respectively 72% and 56% of indications. The same is true for motivations related to quality and belief in higher taste qualities. On the other hand, men’s more important motivation to buy certified food is fashion and maintaining a diet.

For households with children under 12 years of age, the most important factors inducing them to buy organic food is – without any surprise – the belief that such products are healthier (65%) and have better taste qualities (43%). What is more, the conviction of higher healthiness of the product dominated among the respondents, regardless of their sex, age, place of residence, education or salary.

On the other hand, the most frequently mentioned reason for not buying organic food is too high a price, 44% of indications. This factor is particularly important for women and households where per capita income is below 2,000 PLN. However, as a result of the growing popularity of this type of products and the development of the offer of organic products in ordinary grocery stores will be more and more widely available to consumers. Both in terms of price and universal accessibility.


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