DHL is testing parcel buses

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At the end of 2020 one of the biggest courier companies started testing parcel buses. The innovative idea is to help the company meet the growing demand.

Berlin as a test city

DHL, one of the largest courier companies in the world, has launched a pilot project in Berlin, where it uses buses to act as mobile parcel machines. Five replacement Deutsche Bahn buses were used for this purpose, which became unused due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

DHL has not yet presented concrete plans for the use of parcel buses on a larger scale. As Michael Heimbokel, Head of Operations at Deutsche Post DHL Group, points out, this is currently a pilot project to serve the people of Berlin as mobile parcel pick up and drop-off points. The implementation of such a solution was in response to the increased demand for courier services during the holiday season that coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic. The pilot project is scheduled to run until January 15, 2021. Only at a later stage will DHL undertake an evaluation of the project and the possible implementation of parcel buses on a larger scale.

The holiday season a challenge for courier companies

The e-commerce market during the holiday season, which is additionally hindered by restrictions, is a big logistic challenge for courier companies – also in Poland. Many of them have taken additional solutions to guarantee the delivery of parcels in this difficult period. An example of this is the strategy of InPost, which ensured that all parcels that were sent up to and including December 21 were delivered to customers before Christmas Eve. InPost is also consistently developing its network of parcel machines, which already has 10 thousand points.

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