Sephora plays together with WOSP

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The second limited edition Pol’and’Rock fragrance line – Love – has been introduced to online perfumery. The whole profit from its sale will be donated by Sephora to support statutory activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOSP).

In June 2020. Sephora in Poland started cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, introducing in stationary perfumeries and online perfumery the first product from the limited Pol’and’Rock – Music line. Just before this year’s 29th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, a new scent – Pol’and’Rock Love – appeared in Sephora online perfumery.

The WOSP Foundation has once again created the Pol’and’Rock LOVE perfume in cooperation with Quality Missala. The limited edition fragrance is available at online perfumery Along with the re-opening of stationary perfumeries, it will also be available in several dozen of points of sale in the traditional chain. Price is PLN 290.

About WOSP

WOŚP is a foundation whose main goal is to work in the field of health care. During the annual WOŚP Finals, which take place in January, funds are collected for a predetermined purpose, most often connected with children’s health. The aim of this year’s finale is to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for children’s ENT, otolaryngology and head diagnostics wards. In 2020, over PLN 186m was collected. What is more, in total, since 1993, the campaign has already collected more than PLN 1.2bn.


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