Ikea: Buy Back & Resell campaign for Black Friday

Ikea: akcja Oddaj i Zyskaj w ramach Black Friday

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Ikea is launching a new ‘Buy Back & Resell’ campaign to promote a sustainable lifestyle, starting from 22 November. Customers will be able to exchange their old Ikea furniture for a refund card, which in turn will allow them to purchase new products.

The new Ikea campaign is aimed at individual customers who want to give a second life to Ikea furniture. Customers who have Ikea furniture at home that they no longer need can deliver it to the shop so that it can be put up for sale in the Circular Hub section.

Buy Back & Resell

To take part in the campaign, customers must fill in an online application form briefly describing why they want to resell the furniture. The form will be available on Ikea’s website from 22 November. Only after receiving the suggested price, customers can deliver the furniture to the shop with the proposed estimate. In the shop, a Returns Department employee will assess the actual condition of the furniture and confirm the originally obtained estimate. Customers will then receive an Ikea refund card for the final agreed refund amount, which will be 30% or 50% of the original product price. The card will have no time limit, and customers will be able to use it on their next Ikea purchase in a stationary or online shop.

Importantly, customers wishing to return their old Ikea furniture do not need proof of purchase, i.e. a receipt or invoice.

What furniture can be resold?

On the Ikea website, there is a list of products that can be resold to the shop. These are mainly chests of drawers, bookcases, tables, coffee tables, RTV cabinets, chairs (including office chairs) and bedside tables. As part of the resale action, customers can return furniture bought no more than five years ago. Ikea offers 50% of the original price for returned furniture that shows no signs of use and looks like new furniture. For furniture that shows signs of use, customers will receive a refund card worth 30% of the original price of the product. If Ikea decides not to accept the particular piece of furniture, the customer cannot leave it on the shop premises.

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