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Discount stores, food and non-food alike, are very popular among Poles. A survey carried out by PMR in the second quarter of 2020 found that two in three consumers visit a Biedronka store at least once a week, 43% visit a Lidl store, and 10% a Pepco store.

All discounters offer home furnishings

Virtually all of the discount chains, including the food discounters, carry home decoration products and accessories (e.g. picture frames, mirrors, flower pots, candlesticks, lanterns, festive season decorations, etc.), and some also carry furniture. And as our survey shows, a lot of Poles buy home furnishings of one kind or another in such stores.

Take the food discounters first. We found that a third of the people who shop in Biedronka, the biggest chain of this type, have bought home decorations there, and 5% have bought furniture. At Lidl, the second-largest player, the percentages are 28% and 5%, respectively. Netto and Aldi offer fewer home furnishings, and so the numbers are correspondingly lower. 18% of Netto’s customers and 13% of Aldi’s have bought home decorations there, and 2% have bought furniture.

Home furnishings are very important for the non-food discounters. Indeed, our survey found that a bigger proportion of the customers of Pepco, the largest such chain, have bought home decorations there than have bought women’s clothing, which Pepco is probably most associated with – 59% vs. 54%. (The frequency of purchases of both kinds is no doubt different, of course.) We found the same pattern at Tedi and (especially) Action, recent entrants who opened their first stores in Poland in the last 2-3 years: more of their customers purchase home decorations than purchase any other product category. And both chains already have many customers here: according to our survey, 19% of Poles shopped in Action and 12% in Tedi in Q2 2020. TXM is an outlier: people shop there mainly for clothing, and less than a fifth of its customers have ever bought home decorations from TXM (and 0% have bought furniture).

Young women buy home decorations

What about the sociodemographics of those who buy home decorations in discount chains? Women are more likely than men to do so. 70% of the women who shop in Pepco have purchased home decorations there, against 44% of men. A similar pattern is found in all other chains, though the precise gap varies. Age matters too. Young customers, aged up to 34 years, are likeliest to buy home decorations in Pepco.

But income is less of a factor. The proportion of Pepco customers who buy home decorations in its stores is above 50% across all income groups.

Webinar: PMR Home & Garden Retail on 5th of November 2020.



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