Will YouTube become an e-commerce platform?

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Will YouTube compete with Amazon? According to Bloomberg, Google is currently testing the possibility of introducing online shopping on the most popular video service in the world.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube developers are working on introducing functionality for marking and tracking products that appear in video clips published on the site. This data is then to be combined with the analytical and purchasing tools of Google, the owner of YouTube. The aim is to turn the videos from YouTube into a catalogue of items that viewers can view and, most importantly, buy directly.

YouTube has confirmed that it is currently testing on a small number of clips. However, the company described it as “an experiment” and refused to provide further details. According to analysts, the YouTube online shop can prove itself, for example, with the “unboxing” video (unpacking shipments with products from companies), tutorials on make-up or cooking. In the case of such content, the combination of video and product sales will be relatively simple.

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