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Since 1 August, there has been a travel voucher in Poland, which can be used to finance payments for hotel stays and tourist services for children. What do Poles think about this benefit? This is what PMR asked in a survey conducted in September 2020 among people who bought articles for children during the last year.

Does the travel voucher favour certain groups of citizens?

The opinions of the Poles we are studying are divided. About 30% believe that the voucher favours a specific group of citizens. At the same time, a similar proportion of respondents believe that the voucher will make it possible for children from poorer families to go on holiday.

Interestingly, opinions about the voucher do not differ significantly between parents or legal guardians of children under 12 years of age. In this group, still 26% believe that the vouchers favour a particular group. Slightly more people than the total (35%) agree with the statement that thanks to the vouchers children from poor families will be able to go on holiday.


As many as 6.5 million children are entitled

The travel voucher is in electronic form. After registration on the electronic services platform, it is sent in the form of a code in an SMS or e-mail. It is valid for every child under 18 years of age. (in the amount of PLN 500), in the case of a child with a disability certificate it is PLN 1,000. The voucher is granted regardless of the level of income and is entitled to nearly 6.5 million children.

As reported by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) on 26 August, over 200,000 travel vouchers have already been used, with payments of PLN 147m. The total number of vouchers activated on that date was nearly 820,000. At the same time, at the end of August, the benefits under the travel voucher were provided by 18,000 entrepreneurs.

The hotel segment in Poland is discussed in more detail in PMR’s report: HoReCa market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for the years 2020-2025. We will soon publish the report update taking into account the impact of coronavirus on the market.

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