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The Tower Investments development group enters a new business segment. According to the updated strategy for the years 2020-2022, the company launches… internet delicatessen, which will operate under the domain. It also starts its activity on the confectionery market, in cooperation with the Gessler brothers.

Delicatessen for demanding customers…

The market does not like emptiness. Just a few days ago, we informed that one of the largest food e-shops run by Tesco will disappear from the market. The niche after e-tesco will try to be filled not only by players already operating on the market but also by new entities. One of them may be

As Tower Investments informs, the inspiration for launching e-delikatessen was the growing importance of e-commerce and experience from the last months of the pandemic. is to be dedicated “for demanding customers in the biggest agglomerations”. The plan assumes development in the six largest agglomerations, with a base of 10 million customers.

The company emphasises that the existing e-shops on the market concentrate on the basic food offer, and there are no websites with delicatessen offer. The collapse of stationary delicatessen chains such as Bomi or Alma has caused demanding customers to rely on smaller theme stores often scattered around different parts of their cities.

… and confectionery with the Gessler brothers

The launch of e-delikatessen is not the only activity of Tower Investments in the food segment. Together with the Gessler family (brothers Piotr and Adam), the company also starts its activity in the confectionery segment. After the purchase of the production plant in Torun in 2019, the company under the name of Manufaktura Gessler intends to focus on packaged confectionery for retail trade and food mixes. The production capacity of the plant is 1,000 tons of packed cakes and 2,000 tons of food mixes per year.

According to the company, the market of packaged high quality cakes is one of the least developed areas of the grocery market. The offer is to be gradually extended with bars, cakes, pudding, chisels and ice cream.

Tower Investments Group has been operating in the developer industry since 2005, realising retail facilities, retail parks and attractive multifunctional residential and service facilities. It is a co-creator and owner of the SHOPIN brand, under which parks and shopping malls operate. The clients of Tower Investments include Netto, Biedronka, Intermarche, Shell or BP fuel companies.

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