Orlen competes with InPost


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Orlen is launching a new service called Orlen Paczka, which will allow customers to collect parcels at Orlen stations, Ruch newsagents and parcel machines. Thus, the state-owned giant wants to challenge InPost which is still dynamically developing its Parcel Locker network. For now, Orlen Paczka service allows for delivery of orders within 2 days from sending the parcel, but the company plans to shorten this time to one day.

The new Orlen Paczka service uses the potential of Ruch company in the field of courier services. Customers will be able to collect and send parcels at 6148 locations throughout Poland. Orlen’s parcel machines are a novelty and 200 of them have already been installed. By the end of the year, Orlen plans to launch 500 parcel machines and in the future, it intends to operate 2,000 such devices. Additionally, customers will be able to collect parcels at Orlen stations, Ruch newsagents and in partner shops. Currently, about 1,100 PUDO points are located at Orlen stations, 1,000 in Ruch newsagents, and 4,000 in partner shops.

Orlen wants to develop on e-commerce and courier services markets, as these were growth sectors, especially during the pandemic. As explained by Daniel Obajtek, Orlen’s CEO, PLN 11bn will be allocated for investments in the retail segment. The funds will allow for the development of fuel stations, O!Shop shops and catering outlets. The investments will also concern modern sales channels, e.g. e-commerce services.

Are stations no longer just places to fill up with fuel?

According to Obajtek, Orlen stations are no longer associated only with a place to refuel. Petrol stations also offer catering and courier services while customers can also use the shop. The advantage of stations offering many other services is, above all, the fact that customers can run several errands in one place, and filling up with fuel can be combined with eating out or picking up parcels.

Investment in parcel machines

The development of courier services, including above all investments in parcel machines, is a response to dynamic changes and growing expectations of customers. As indicated by Patrycja Klarecka, Member of the PKN Orlen Management Board, the Orlen Paczka service is being constantly improved and currently, 90% of customers can collect their orders within 2 working days of sending the parcel. Orlen aims to shorten the waiting time, and ultimately parcels are to be collected on the next day after posting. Currently, the Orlen Paczka service is available in the biggest online shops, e.g. in Allegro Smart service. As Klarecka adds, Orlen will soon present a new e-commerce project supporting the Orlen Paczka service. Additionally, the Orlen Paczka mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android systems, has been in operation for several days.

The presence of Orlen on the courier services market means the emergence of another player and competition with companies such as InPost or Allegro. InPost, which has recently made many investments (such as the introduction of Same Day Delivery and fridge machines as well as cooperation with Amazon) is still one of the major players among delivery companies, and Parcel Lockers, popularised by the company, enjoy great interest. Allegro is also developing its solutions in the field of parcel machines, and by the end of 2021, the company intends to launch 1,500 such devices.

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